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From San Francisco to Malmö, from Nola to Vienna... Paris... Dubai... Beijing... It was never about what was taught at the location, but how it was taught.

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I look forward to see you soon at Feelgoodstudios or Yoga Kula , Irrsee and Orvieto
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Ropes Workshop @ Yoga Kula. LAST ONE before the summer

June 29, 2018

YogaKula includes wall-ropes in small Yoga Room to help you stabilize the body, increase range of motion safely, make poses more accessible or increase the challenge. Or you can simply play and have fun!

The ropes can act as a physical therapist, chiropractor, and massage therapist in one.

Performing yogasanas with the aid of a rope has many advantages. Difficult asanas can be practiced with ease. Due to the rope movement the spine becomes supple and even difficult asanas can be done easily and safely.

Please bring leather or bycicle gloves with you, for better comfort and hold during exercises.

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