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Public Classes

Transformational sessions with Bruno are fun and energizing experience. You will deepen your practice, elevate your spirit and inspire your daily life.

Workshops & Retreats

Join Bruno in the exciting, hard-working, fun, and glamorous yoga events. Immerse yourself in the art of yoga and receive greater benefits.

Private Sessions

Receive personal instruction and proper adjustments: guidance and clarity. Bruno will help you to align your body, build energy, stamina, and flexibility.

Meet Bruno

Bruno Teyssandier has been teaching yoga for 24 years and is still keeping his credo: Taking care of the body and yet being inspired to move and be adventurous about it. “The body is an incredible tool, and I want my students to know that there is so much they can do with it.”

One of the most influential teachers for Bruno has been Manouso. They met 21 years ago in San Fransisco. Manouso is one of the most well-known teachers and has been such a source of wisdom and knowledge. “Even if he teaches 100 people at the same time, it will always feel like he is just teaching you. It’s inspiring.”

Inspiration is the key to Bruno’s whole Yoga practice. Bruno is always in the process of learning; there hasn’t been one moment in the last 25 years when Bruno didn’t feel like studying.

Bruno is now teaching and managing three locations in Vienna, Austria, at Feelgood Studio. In addition, he will be teaching a 200 hours, in six months, Yoga Teacher Training program in partnership with Townhouse Yoga from January 2024 until June 2024.



  • Teaching yoga for over 23 years
  • Studies in India in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • 2002-2009 owner of Yoga 108 School in San Francisco and New Orleans
  • Dedicated and loyal student of Manouso Manos for over 18 years.

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Words from students

My journey with my friend and teacher, Bruno, began years ago. Every session with him is a delightful surprise, filled with warmth and heartfelt connection. Bruno's unique approach to yoga keeps things fresh and exciting, offering countless ways to explore and move our bodies. His French sense of humor adds an extra touch of charm to the experience. Once you've tasted his teaching, you'll be irresistibly drawn to return for more.

Wolfgang Vienna, Austria

I have been a devoted follower of Bruno for many years now. His depth of knowledge and the way he imparts it are truly remarkable. Bruno’s teaching style is unparalleled, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had the honor of studying with him. He consistently ranks among the very best teachers I have encountered on my yoga journey.

Barbara Vienna, Austria

My husband, another couple, and I have been practicing yoga together with Bruno for years, and it's always a fantastic experience. Even though we now have kids, we never miss a class because we know how much better we feel afterward. During those 90 minutes, we completely forget about everything else around us. We want to thank Bruno for providing us with such a wonderful time every Monday!

Holen Vienna, Austria

Celebrating over 25 years of friendship and yoga practice with Bruno has been an incredible journey. We have always admired Bruno’s teaching methods, which are truly unique, fun, challenging, and incredibly rewarding. Bruno’s ability to create a harmonious blend of physicality, mindfulness, and joy is unparalleled. We feel grateful to have Bruno as our guide on this transformative path, and we look forward to many more years of growth and inspiration with him.

Aliona & Sergey Kentfield, California