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Words from students

I just want to thank you, Bruno, so much for the fabulous work you did on me. I feel so liberated! I can almost describe it as I always walked around with a hollow pit inside me. I absolutely feel whole and confident. It hasn’t even phased me twice about not feeling worthy. I am noticing now that my whole life I functioned with this feeling of being lesser than. I don’t carry that horrible feeling around with me anymore.

Molly San Francisco

Words from students

Bruno’s work touched my soul deeply and sustainably. When I got a chance to connect with Bruno in summer ’09, I could feel that this was exactly the right thing for me. Within a few minutes of beginning our Yoga session, a lot of energy released itself from me, into the air and my soul spontaneously reconnected to the Great Source. And it does every single day since then...

Liane South Germany


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